Discover Good Ways To Make Money With Your Computer


As you consider “Good Ways To Make Money” ; do you want to find good ways to make extra money but have certain restrictions keeping you from working a second job outside of your home? I am a single Mom, trying to make ends meet, with a toddler at home and not enough hours in the day! My day job already had me commuting 4 hours a day and the idea of leaving my daughter at night to work a second job was just impossible. Until I discovered one of the many ways to make money, legitimately, at home using a phone and a laptop computer. With a little time and effort, I was able to seek out the perfect situation for my skills from many, many opportunities available in today’s market.


Five Good Ways To Make Money From Home Office


  • Transcription Jobs: Always in demand, transcription and/or proofreading jobs in online publishing can prove quite profitable for people who have a way with words!


  • Another of the good ways to make money is blogging: Turn your blogging passion into a business and get paid handsomely for it! Many bloggers started out doing it as a hobby and turned it into 6 figure careers once advertisers came on board and offered them big bucks for well place ads on their blogs. Why not you?


  • Medical Billing: This is a field that has grown from a need to outsource it’s manpower, as offices could not keep up with the demand for customer and insurance company billing each month. Have experience in the medical field? This might be a perfect fit!


  • Direct Sales: Even if you have zero sales experience, many people (such as Stay at Home Moms) are making great money selling everything from skin care to wine to jewellery, without stocking inventory or shipping their own merchandise. This is not your Mom’s Tupperware party!


  • In-sourcing Customer Service: Major companies like Amazon will hire you to take customer service calls and not outsourcing them overseas, in an effort to improve the service in their customer service. have a pleasing personality and enjoy talking to people? You might be perfect for this!


As with most of these five (5) Good Ways To Make Money from Home, not only are they convenient (working from home) but they are usually flexible and you can make your own hours. Isn’t that what we all dream of when we choose to supplement our incomes?

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